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Mammogram screening


In Switzerland, it is currently recommend that 50 to 70-year-old women receive a mammogram every two years(this has not yet been enforced throughout the canton of Zurich). About 5,000 women in Switzerland are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and 1,300 die from it. On average, one in ten women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her life.



Of 1,000 women who participated in this preventive care program for 10 years,


  • breast cancer was discovered in 30 during a mammogram;

  • received surgery at an earlier point and recovered from breast cancer;

  • 6 still died of breast cancer;

  • a benign change that required additional examination (which can lead to uncertainty and fear) was discovered in 200;

  • 1 woman died of breast cancer that was not discovered during a mammogram.

(Source: NZZ 7/1/2009)


Based on these numbers, every woman can decide for herself whether she would like to receive regular mammograms.