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Your own behaviours




Taking things into your own hands

In addition to hormone replacement therapy via medication, you can also do many things for yourself that will keep you in a good physical and mental state. Do things you enjoy: pursue your hobbies, interests, and inclinations and fill your life with things that help you feel satisfied and fulfilled. Re-discover the world—now might be the perfect time!




Your diet should be balanced. As you most likely know, this means: Lots of salad and vegetables and little fat, especially animals fats. To support your bone metabolism, it is definitely a good idea to add milk and dairy products containing calcium (which is urgently needed for bone metabolism) to your diet. Be certain to select low-fat dairy products.



Physical activity

Aside from enjoying physical activity which takes your mind off of everyday problems, regular exercise is important for maintaining physical well-being and mobility. Exercise improves circulation, stimulates the function of all important organs, and is important for maintaining strong, flexible abdominal and pelvic muscles. It trains your muscles and stabilizes your bones. This is true for people of any age.