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Surgeries for myoma or polyps


Myoma—growths in the uterine musculature

Myomas are common, benign growths in the uterine musculature whose growth is influenced by the body’s oestrogen. One in every three to four women is affected by myomas as some point, usually between ages 35 and 50. There is no way to prevent myomas; even medications can only temporarily shrink them.



Myomas have to be removed surgically if they grow quickly and/or cause issues (heavy, painful, or long menstruation, pressure on the bladder or intestines, pain during sexual intercourse, repeated miscarriages). If you no longer wish to have children, the entire uterus is usually removed; for younger women who do wish to have children, we are more conservative with surgeries and remove the myomas gently via hysteroscopy (see below) or laparoscopy.


Polyps—growth on the uterine mucous membrane

Unlike myomas, polyps are benign growths on the mucous membrane of the uterus (meaning the inner lining of the uterine cavity). Both myomas and polyps can cause bleeding disorders and sterility (inability to conceive).


1. Intramural myoma: grow within the uterine wall.


2. Subserous myoma: grow outward and protrudes toward the peritoneum.


3. Submucosal myoma: extend into the uterine cavity. This type of myoma can cause bleeding disorders and infertility (works more or less like an IUD).


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